Realpagne Whine Region

Champagne for slackers. Realpagne for Sufferlandrians.

The Sufferlandrian Whine Country is the most sparsely populated region of Sufferlandria, with a permanent, year-round population of no one. There are, from time to time, Non-Sufferlandrian tourists which you may find here. They usually come to Sufferlandria to have a ‘go’ but then start complaining that things are ‘too hard’ or ‘hurt too much’ or ‘are too difficult.’ These are the people in the Whine Country.

Most Sufferlandrians are heavily allergic to whining in any form, and find the Whine Country detestable in the extreme. Nevertheless, it is the only place on earth harsh enough to grow the famous Sufferlandrian Grapes of Wrath which feed off the weakness of the Non-Sufferlandrian tourists. It is from the juice of these grapes that the renowned Sufferlandrian bubbly, Real Pagne, is crafted. Real Pagne is often drunk to excess during Chamois Dances.