• Mt. Sufferlandria

    By Grunter on November 2, 2013
    You call that a mountain? Look, if there is no lava, there is no mountain. Now have a glance at this: It rises some 30,000ft above Lactic Acid Sea level, the glow of its volcanic crater visible for thousands of miles. It is Mt. Sufferlandria: The most imposing peak in the range of rocky fangs that form the Sufferlandrian Alps. […]
  • Realpagne Whine Region

    By Grunter on October 22, 2013
    The Sufferlandrian Whine Country is the most sparsely populated region of Sufferlandria, with a permanent, year-round population of no one. There are, from time to time, Non-Sufferlandrian tourists which you may find here. They usually come to Sufferlandria to have a ‘go’ but then start complaining that things are ‘too hard’ or ‘hurt too much’ or ‘are too difficult.’ These […]
  • The Sufferlandrian Coast

    By Grunter on October 6, 2013
    When the locals want to cut loose and let their heart rates return to somewhat human levels, where do they go? The Sufferlandrian Coast. Paddleboats! Ice cream! Limbo contests! None of that! White sand beaches, crystal blue waters, froofy drinks festooned with umbrellas: None of these things exist here at all. What you will find is the glorious expanse of […]